Easier than owning. Better than selling.

Keep the benefits of owning a rental property and leave all of the responsibilities to us.

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Your house
Flock's fund.

When you join Flock, your property is added to our portfolio of homes across the country. These assets vary in terms of price point, yield, and appreciation potential, creating a diversified investment that decreases the risk of owning one individual house.
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I really wanted to retire from being a landlord.

You own shares in a portfolio of rentals.

Flock brings institutional-caliber expertise to individual owners like you. It’s hard to generate outsized returns if owning rental property is your part-time job, but our team of real estate professionals provide industry expertise and economics of scale for your benefit. Instead of stressing about the costs of ownership, you just sit back, relax, and collect, while we handle all of the work for you.
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Your ownership experience.

With Flock, we've designed a product that allows you to make your transition to passive ownership.

Exchange your property for shares once and receive passive income forever!
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