Your clients' rentals. Full commission, quick close.

Earn your full commission while setting your client up for financial success and peace of mind. Exchange your clients' properties for shares in Flock's portfolio while avoiding the taxes of a typical sale.

Earning your commission has never been easier.

Have a client in mind? Request a no-obligation property estimate for their property in a few seconds!
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How Flock works

Introducing the 721 exchange.

Learn more about how Flock uses the 721 exchange to help your client turn their rental property into a fully passive, diversified, low-cost investment.

Full commission.

Earn commission when your client closes with Flock.

Unlock inventory.

Transact off-market homes that owners otherwise may not be interested in selling.

Hassle free close.

Flock can close within 2 weeks with minimal effort on your end.
How Flock works

Identify a property and sign an agreement with Flock.

The agreement guarantees that you earn your commission if Flock acquires your client's property. Flock acquires single family homes and multi-family properties (up to 4 units).
Flock Offer Page

We create an offer for your client in less than 24 hours.

Let us know a few details about the property and we'll put together an offer. You know your clients best — we'll put together the materials or let you handle the whole process on your own.
Flock Offer Page

Flock handles the close and you receive commission.

You can be entirely hands-on or let Flock handle the close. We typically close within 2 weeks.

Let our experts walk you through the process.

Easier for agents. Better for clients.

Flock gives you and your client more benefits and flexibility than traditional property transaction strategies.
Easier for agents.
Earn a full commission
Close transactions within 2 weeks of receiving an offer
Transact on homes that owners would otherwise not sell
No showings, listings, or coordination with other brokers
Better for clients.
Avoid the taxes of a traditional sale
Limit fee exposure to one side of the transaction
100% passive ownership with reliable income
Diversify risk and accelerate upside potential

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