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Shirlee T.

Joined 2021
Shirlee is a single mom, full-time physician, and investment property owner in Denver, Colorado. She moved back to Denver in 2001 and purchased her first home there around 2003. Shirlee and her son lived there for 5 years before moving to be closer to his school. At this time, Shirlee decided to retain her primary residence as a rental property, hoping it would someday appreciate in value and provide for her son's future. It was at that moment that Shirlee's original purchase turned her into a default landlord.Like many, Shirlee experienced the highlights and lulls of being a landlord. As a single mom and full-time physician, her free time was limited and she was unable to be an attentive landlord. Her neighbor offered to manage the property for her, and eventually, she found a fantastic resident who occupied her home for 7 years.

I had the best of both worlds - a great resident and a reliable property manager that relieved me of being a landlord, but then things changed.

Shirlee's trusted resident gave notice and said she wanted to purchase a home closer to where her sister lived. At the same time, her neighbor announced he wanted to retire. Shirlee continues, “Then I became part of the worst world - I had to become a landlord and find new residents.” Not to mention, due to the long-term occupancy, the home needed some TLC.Shirlee was contemplating her options. As she saw it, Shirlee could 1) sell the house as-is, 2) fix it up before listing it for sale, or 3) make her renovations and then rent it again. Each option came with its own drawbacks, but then Shirlee found Flock through a piece of direct mail. Admittedly unsure of what Flock was offering, there were a couple keywords that piqued her curiosity enough to reach out. After spending time with Flock, Shirlee found the solution she was looking for. Through Flock, she could keep all the benefits of owning the property, while giving up her responsibilities as a landlord. Shirlee proceeded with the 721 Exchange program Flock was offering. Flock took ownership of her home and, more importantly, took over its daily operations and management. With this solution, Shirlee avoided a drawn-out renovation, saved on the costs of a traditional sale, and maintained the upside of ownership through her shares in Flock's portfolio of homes.

My goal was for my two properties to act as a financial base for my son.

Shirlee inherited another rental property from her mother. Unfortunately, she also inherited the headache of deferred maintenance. After seeing the benefits of contributing her first home, she transacted on a second property with Flock. Shirlee found her solution to leave the burdens of ownership behind while still preserving and growing her son's nest egg.
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Andy B.

Joined 2021
Meet Andy, a self-made entrepreneur who began his real estate career in 2015.Alongside helping his clients, Andy was building his own portfolio of homes. He purchased his first investment property in Denver and, soon thereafter, purchased additional rentals in Golden. While he was enthusiastic about owning rental properties, he was less than enthusiastic about managing the day-to-day operations. Before getting his real estate license, Andy consulted for a property management company, which he decided to bring on to take care of his rentals for him.

Our initial goal was to avoid the capital investment the property needed, but also I wanted to wash my hands of the long-term maintenance and having to deal with the property manager.

While deeply familiar with the property management business, Andy still encountered issues. He felt that there was an uptick in maintenance requests, causing monthly expenses to increase. His resident turnover rate also skyrocketed. Andy wasn't keen to return to dealing with these tasks himself, so he began researching alternative ways to own his properties. That's when he found Flock online.

Flock offered me a way to own a little piece of all their properties, be more diversified, and not have all eggs in one basket. That was attractive to me, and I still get quarterly cash flow.

The 721 Exchange was enticing since Andy did not want to realize the capital gain taxes he would face with a traditional sale. The ability to defer this liability made the decision easy, so Andy moved forward and contributed his first rental property to Flock.Today, Andy and his wife add the quarterly dividends to their retirement fund. With Flock, they can easily pass down their investment to their children when the time is right.

In my mind I still have the rental property but not the headache of a hard asset.

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Jeremy H.

Joined 2021
Jeremy, a Colorado native, never intended to become a landlord.Once he graduated college, Jeremy purchased his first home. After living there for several years, it was time to upgrade. He found a new place two blocks away and decided to rent out his previous residence. After managing it as a rental for three years, he and his wife, Erin, made the decision to sell the original home.

Back then, there wasn't a reliable way to find and screen new residents.

After divesting the rental and nine happy years, a fantastic opportunity arose in their neighborhood to purchase an even better home for their growing family.Jeremy found himself in a familiar situation. Erin's and his primary residence was transitioned to a rental, and Jeremy self-managed it alongside his personal and professional responsibilities. The circumstances were quite convenient: they lived a couple of blocks away from the asset, the local rental market was booming, and thanks to new technology, finding residents wasn't a problem anymore. Even then, Jeremy found management to be a hassle, and the most problematic part, as Jeremy describes,

...it took time away from being with my family.

Jeremy was looking for a way to exit his property and preserve the nest egg he had built over the last 23 years. He researched rolling sale proceeds into the stock market and adding REITs to his portfolio, and then he found Flock. Jeremy and Erin carefully compared Flock to some of the more “traditional” options and concluded that Flock aligned most with their financial goals. As one of Flock's early owners, Jeremy found confidence in transparent communication and Flock's delivery on its promises. Now as a Flock Owner, Jeremy gets to spend more time with his wife and daughter, doing the things that make them happy.

Just knowing that I have more time, knowing that I don't have to deal with the resident process or the yard work - that I don't have to do all those things, and still, our income has been consistent with Flock's quarterly distributions.

In taking advantage of Flock's offering, Jeremy found a way to get back more time in his day and spend it on the things that matter most to him.
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